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Management of commercial e-mails.
Really and simply unsubscribe from invasive newsletters within your mailbox

Social Network

Manage the applications accessing your personal data on social networks.
Discover the permissions that the applications have: Publish on your behalf, read private messages, access your location etc.


Use the « Skip » feature to unsubscribe from invasive newsletters


Use the « Keep » feature if you still want to receive commercial emails from the company you are interested in


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How it works ?

A simple application to take charge allowing you to regain control of your personal data on the internet


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Skeep works with a lot of email providers! Enter your email address and start protecting yourself


Your data - Your right

Click on “Skip” if you wish to stop receiving advertisements within your mailbox. If you still want to receive advertisements from the company in question, click on « Keep »


My Recourses

Real-time tracking of the unsubscribe process. The application allows you to submit a complaint to the CNIL when companies do not respect your right to object

The Team

The SKEEP team is composed of a wide range of skills: design, development, narrative, statistics, user experience, marketing, etc. We live, we breathe but above all we dream of breaking the already existing codes in order to give you total control over your personal data.

Alexandre Veses
CEO & Founder

Antoine Chauvin
Lead Back-End

Anne-Lise Cornella


Consult our frequently asked questions and do not hesitate to contact us if you encounter a problem
To find out more about the FAQs, please CLICK HERE!

Skeep works with Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, Outlook, iCloud, Orange, Wanadoo, Live, SFR & Free accounts.
Your email client is not included in the list above ?
Do not hesitate to contact us to find out if your ISP is working with our service!
Registration is very fast: click on the "Start". Select the ISP you want to connect with. Skeep will ask you for permission to log in to your account. After we give you limited access, Skeep will automatically scan your mailbox and will make a list of the newsletters you subscribe to. Once the scan is complete, you will have access to the list of newsletters you receive. You can then unsubscribe from invasive newsletters within your inbox.
When you « Skip » a newsletter, we put in place the process of unsubscribe (when possible)
In most cases, the unsubscribe process is directly effective. Please note that, some cases of unsubscription require human intervention (login to your account in order to unsubscribe for example), in this case, Skeep informs you and invites you to unsubscribe manually in the “My steps” section.
The Skeep application allows you to manage multiple email accounts without disconnecting. To enter a new account, click on the « Home » icon and go to « Add an account ». The new account will appear on top on your screen. To access other accounts, simply click on it and slide to select.
The Skeep service already works with Facebook. The Skeep service will work with the following social networks: Twitter, Instagram et LinkedIn.
When you « Skip » an application, you revoke the access of this application to your account, and thus your data.

To find out more about the FAQs, please CLICK HERE!


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The application allows you to control your data on the Internet.

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Contact Us

Contact Us

Please do not hesitate to contact the SKEEP team for more information. A doubt ? Come and share your feedback.

815 La Pyrénéenne, 31670 Labège, France
(+33) 05 34 31 55 04

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